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Welcome to Haymachine Entertainment

Soup to nuts.

Haymachine Entertainment is a full service design and development company.

We program. We design. We develop. We write copy.
We shoot video. We make music. We build 3D models. We animate.

The solutions you need may be big, small or somewhere in between.
We do it all.


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  • @jimwyse @enginehosting In Navicat, use MySQL login in General tab, port 3306. Upload ntunnel_mysql.php file, enter URL in Tunnel URL field.

  • @jimwyse @enginehosting Thanks for the help. Actually, it is possible. I almost gave up, but using a newer version of Navicat did the trick.

  • @nevinlyne Thanks a lot. Got it working.

  • Yumbox

    Yumbox is an innovative new lunchbox aimed at eliminating waste and promoting healthy eating habits for kids.

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  • Authentik Language Interactive
    Authentik Language Interactive

    Authentik Language Interactive is an online subscription-based language learning application. It features video, audio and written content, with a range of fun activities and helpful tools to make learning fun.

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  • Best Fruit Now
    Best Fruit Now

    Best Fruit Now is a mobile app which educates consumers about the fruit they are buying. It provides users with monthly recommendations on what to buy and what to avoid.

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  • Kids Food Adventure
    Kids Food Adventure

    Kids Food Adventure is an app for iPhone and iPad. It encourages children to try new foods, allowing them to rate the ones that they try and rewarding them with fun virtual stickers

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